FlexForm FAQ’s

What is FlexForm?

FlexForm is a blend of bast natural fibers and fiberized thermal plastic polymers. The polymers used are polypropylene or polyester. Fiber compositions can be custom blended to meet a variety of needs. FlexForm can be delivered in rolls up to 3.2 meters wide or in cut sheets, with consistent gram weights of from 450 grams/m2 to 2400 grams/m2. A continuous manufacturing process allows FlexForm to be delivered in any length needed for a particular application.

How does FlexForm compare with existing materials?

• Lower cost
• 5-40% total part cost savings
• Lighter weight components
• Higher performance characteristics
• Wider range of applications
• Product recycle capabilities
• No production or end of part life waste

How can I use FlexForm?

As a long fiber reinforced thermal plastic FlexForm is an excellent substitute for many existing materials. The following products offer a wide range of materials for almost any application:

FlexForm MT
• Flexible non-woven mat ideally used in a contact oven for 3D applications.

FlexForm LD
• Preprocessed to allow for use in forced hot air heating ovens for 2D and 3D applications.
• Allows for variable molding thicknesses in a common tool.
• Is an ideal tack board.

FlexForm HD
• Fully compressed sheet to be used in infra-red or convection ovens for 2D and 3D applications.

FlexForm FR
• Available in variable densities as a direct replacement for glass fiber mats unsed in office panels and wall systems.
• ASTM E84 Class A Rating
• Flame Spread Index = 20
• Smoke Developed Index = 10

Is FlexForm good for the environment?

FlexForm is created with natural fibers and is 100% recyclable. Recycling can reduce or eliminate disposal fees for trim waste in manufacturing. Ultimately it will reduce land fill, which is not only good for the environment, it also reduces the continually escalating costs associated with landfills. FlexForm also has no toxic V.O.C. emissions, so its use can reduce a manufacturer’s total emissions of volatile chemicals and improve interior air quality.

What certifications does FlexForm hold?

The company holds ISO/TS16949 2002 registration signifying its excellence in quality manufacturing and environmental responsibility.

How much does FlexForm cost?

For pricing information please contact:

FlexForm Technologies
4955 Beck Drive
Elkhart, IN 46516-9092

P: 574.295.3777
F: 574.296.7559