Welcome to Natural Fibers For Office Systems.  This is the blog for the Office Systems Division of FlexForm Technologies.  You can see our company website at www.flexformtech.com.  We are a company that uses natural fibers and recycled polymers to produce a non-woven sheet product for use in the office furniture industry.  This product provides a green alternative to the use of fiberglass in panels for office systems.  Green is no longer just a buzz word.  It is something that more and more people are adopting as a way of life.  We are proud to be leading the wave of green manufacturing in the United States.


My name is Anna Boone.  As a sales professional, I am interested in learning about trends and innovations in the natural fiber composite industry.  As a wife and mother living in East Lansing, Michigan, USA, I am interested in green technology and making this planet a better home for us all.  In this blog, I will attempt to inform and entertain you with the latest news from our company and from the Natural Fiber Composite industry.