High – Fiber Diet

U.S. Patent 8,080,288 (Dec. 20, 2011) “Method for Preparing Thermosetting or Thermoplastic Polymer or Elastomer Composites that Are Reinforced With Natural fibers, and Their Multiple Applications as Construction Material,”  Joris Van Raemdonck (Lineo NV, Belgium)

There is a trend to use renewable materials in polymeric composites whenever possible.  Composites with natural fibers are known, but problems occur in binding these fibers to the polymeric matrix.  Van Raemdonck developed flax fiber composites by mixing fibers with polymer in a carrier solvent or emulsion.  The fibers can also be hemp, jute, bamboo, coco, or sisal.  The fibers must be in contact with a solvent or emulsion long enough to enable sorption to the matrix.  The solvent may be water, alsohols, ketones, or their mixtures.   The resulting composites contain 15 to 70vol% fibers.

(Courtesy of Plastics Engineering, April 2012, Industry PATENTS).

At FlexForm Technologies, our state-of-the-art facility located in Elkhart, Indiana manufactures FlexForm, a combination of natural fibers such as kenaf, hemp, flax, jute and sisal blended with thermoplastic polymers such as polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET).   Please feel free to visit our website www.flexformtech.com  or email us at info@flexformtech.com.