FlexForm Technologies Celebrates 15th Anniversary as a Leading Provider of Natural Fiber Composites


Incoming fiber, the beginning of the natural fiber composite. Photo by Don Daugherty Photography

ELKHART, Ind., October 21, 2014 – FlexForm Technologies, a manufacturer of non-woven natural fiber composite substrate materials, is celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary. Started in 1999 and headquartered at a 95,000 square-foot plant in Elkhart, FlexForm manufactures products that are strong, lightweight, moldable, and completely recyclable for various industries.


Steadily expanding its presence and capabilities since the company’s inception, FlexForm is a composite material provider with extensive expertise in natural fiber composite formulation, design and development. The company serves the needs of many global industries – including the automotive, office interior, aircraft, recreational vehicle, truck, commercial vehicle, modular housing and packaging industries.

Accumulator 2

Fire Retardant Line Accumulator. Photo by Don Daugherty Photography.

“As we mark our 15th anniversary, we take a moment to thank our customers, employees and suppliers for their steadfast dedication and support, which has made this all possible,” said Gregg Baumbaugh, CEO, FlexForm Technologies. “We look forward to furthering our mission of utilizing sustainable resources to consume less energy, generate less waste and deliver products which meet our customer’s performance specifications.  We pride ourselves in helping our customers get the results they are striving for, not just supplying the materials.”

Gregg Headh shot

Gregg Baumbaugh, CEO FlexForm Technologies. Photo by Don Daugherty Photography

FlexForm, which holds ISO/TS16949 2009 registration signifying its excellence in quality manufacturing, offers composite substrates that are a blend of natural fibers and fiberized thermoplastic polymers and are 100 percent recyclable. This helps reduce or, in some cases, eliminate disposal fees for trim waste in manufacturing processes.

FlexForm Office Panel System

Office Panel System and Molded Drop Ceiling tiles using Wonderphyll

In addition, the FlexForm material has no added toxic volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.  Any naturally occurring VOC’s found in the natural fiber are well below industry standards set by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and GreenguardTM, therfore its use can reduce a manufacturer’s total VOC emissions and improve interior air quality.


Door Panel using FlexForm Technologies natural fiber composite

Backed by ASTM testing and quality control equipment, FlexForm’s laboratory is available to customers for development and rapid parts prototyping and feature both large and small presses, contact and forced hot air ovens. The team can also assist customers with equipment specifications, plant design, and installation of 3D press lines.

Company shot

FlexForm Technologies Company Photo. Photo by Don Daugherty Photography


FlexForm Technologies Timeline


  • Company formed.
  • First vehicle applications to feature FlexForm natural fiber composites were the Chevy Impala package tray, Mercury Cougar door panel, Dodge Stratus door panel, Chrysler Sebring door panel and the Ford Expedition door insert.


  • Began supplying natural fiber composite for use in Cadillac models as interior pillars.


  • Current ownership group purchases FlexForm.
  • Begin producing natural fiber composite moldable suspended ceiling tiles.


  • Launched website www.flexformtech.com.
  • Began supplying natural fiber composite substrate for use in non-automotive agriculture and construction vehicle interiors, for companies such as John Deere and Caterpillar.


  • Began supplying natural fiber composite material to be used by Mercedes in the G, M and R Class vehicle door panels produced in Vance, AL.
  • Began supplying natural fiber composite material to the aerospace industry.


  • First international shipment of natural fiber composite material to Mexico.
  • Began supplying natural fiber composite to be molded into the load-floor for the Honda Pilot.
    Began supplying moldable substrate that formed the shell of the Bernhardt Cardan Conference Chair.


  • Completed 30,000 square foot building expansion to manufacture ASTM E-84 Class A fire retardant substrate for office systems.
  • Started supplying substrate for acoustic door panel inserts for acoustically rated doors for sound studios.


  • Began shipping to office furniture OEMs such as Haworth, Knoll and Three H, supplying ASTM E-84 Class A fire retardant substrate for their respective office systems.



  • Began supplying material used in the Ford Escape door bolster.


  • Began supplying material for use by Volkswagen in the Golf.
  • Began supplying material used in Mercedes C Class vehicles.
  • Introduced natural fiber composite material to the home and garden market.
  • Sponsored a student design competition at Rhode Island School of Design looking for innovative industrial designs using our material. Results may be seen on our website.
  • Began supplying material for use by BMW for under-body shield applications.