Malama Composites

David Saltman was one of the founders of FlexForm in the late 1990′.  He has a new company called Malama Composites.  These guys are making biobased polyeurathane foam.  I have seen the samples, and it is great looking stuff.  We are really excited about the future and the possibility that our FlexForm FR board could possibly be used in conjunction with the Malama foam. They are calling the foam AinaCore.

Here is some more info on Malama from their website:

Our Promise

Malama means “to care for and protect” in Hawaiian. Our logo, the Koru, is an unfolding fern leaf, Polynesian symbol of the regenerative power of nature.

We develop and manufacture rigid polyurethane foams made from natural, plant-based resources. Our products utilize polyols derived from soy, castor and other locally grown plants. The manufacturing process generates no water pollution or toxic air emissions. In fact, every pound of AinaCore® sequesters 2.6 pounds of carbon.

AinaCore®, structural foam enables the creation of strong, light weight, cost competitive,and non-toxic products.

Ainacore®, a high-performance, core material allows for:

  • faster yachts
  • lighter furniture
  • more durable wind turbine blades
  • more energy efficient homes
  • more soulful surfboards.

Ainacore® performs at specifications competitive with traditional foams, plus gives you a sustainable, environmentally elegant solutions.