Renewable Materials at Oregon State University

Oregon State University has a Bachelor’s of Science Program for Renewable Materials.

Professor Mike Milota contacted FlexForm this summer to ask if we had information on our manufacturing process that we could share for his class. He said he had a hard time finding manufacturers of non-wood based biomass materials.  We were happy to pass along a presentation of our info.  I hope the class is going well!!


From the OSU Blog:  “If you are interested in a hands-on career that employs science, business and technology to make a difference in helping society become more sustainable, then consider a Bachelors in Science program Renewable Materials.

This program is designed to give students the specialized knowledge and broad skills to help the world replace oil and non-renewable materials with plant-based renewable alternatives.  Wood, bamboo, straw and many other plant-based materials can be used to provide housing, consumer products, energy and other benefits for society.  Doing so efficiently and sustainably is at the core of this program.  Graduates find personally and financially rewarding careers with employers of all sizes and locations.”

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