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Canadian Hemp Guitars

Friday, August 29th, 2014

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FlexForm Technologies is the link.  We take the fiber and make it into a mat. Canadian Hemp Guitars takes our mat and makes music!

Our material has found its way into the music industry. Canadian Hemp Guitars has been using our mat in the creation of instruments. They have an exciting line of Guitars and Ukeleles using alternative materials from the standard. You should all check out their great website.

If you want to know more about this company, here’s what they have to say as an introduction, “Canadian Hemp Guitars represent an innovative approach to guitar building that rewards the player and respects the planet. Designed with a nod to the classic American chambered-body guitars of the 60s, our complete line of hemp guitars deliver all of the sustain and resonance of a solid body guitar with the controllable blooming feedback of a hollow-body with minimal environmental impact.

We have all spent our lives playing guitars cut from the world’s great and majestic forests under the belief that these rare and endangered woods make the sound. In reality, the difference is in the build and the builder. Let us prove it to you.”

We at FlexForm Technologies are proud to be a small part of this amazing company.


The Hemp Chair by Studio Aisslinger

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

This chair by Studio Aisslinger was made with a needle felted non-woven bast fiber mat that was impregnated with Acrodur resin from BASF. This design is pushing the limits of the mind’s imagination as to what is possible using natural fiber composites. FlexForm Technology produces an identical type of mat. We would be excited to talk to any designers who have the vision to take this potential and turn it into something ground-breaking.