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Learning about social media for small businesses

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Any small business has a lot to gain by utilizing the appropriate social media channels.  However, all small businesses have limited time to spend posting and communicated through social media.  We all want to maximize our reach and exposure, while minimizing the time spent on social media outlets.

Recently, a website called Constant Contact was linked to by the New York Times here.  They had held a webinar on social media marketting for small businesses.  500 people participated.  After the webinar, the website compiled the 8 most frequently asked questions.  They ran a blog post detailing these questions.  You can see the original post here.  It is a very educational list.

I thought the most interesting thing was the chart they created with recommended frequency of utilization of different social media platforms.  You can see this graphic on the original page linked above.  I know I will be using this chart to see if this frequency works to help FlexForm Technologies increase our marketing presence in Social Media.


Another interesting thing they discussed was the type of content to put on each platform.  Again, they provided a handy chart.

Content types

This will be a great idea generator.

All in all, I think this post represents a great primer in social media marketing for those of us who do not have departments dedicated to this necessary function.  I hope it helps others, and I look forward to seeing if putting these ideas into effect is helpful.

I am surprised that they don’t include YouTube in their social media platforms.  I will be checking back to see if they include advice for utilizing this platform in the future.


FlexForm will be included in College of Creative Studies Color and Materials Library

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

FlexForm technologies was recently honored with a request for samples from the Color and Materials Library at the College of Creative Studies. From the Library webpage, “The frequently updated materials collection consists of over 1000 reference samples of textiles, metals, plastics, wood, bamboo, cork, glass, paper, and color swatches…The purpose of the materials library is to inspire creativity as well as to introduce students to both new and traditional materials and the companies that produce them. Students in all disciplines at the college are encouraged to use the library’s resources.”

Car Door

We are thrilled to have our material available and part of the creative process of the next generation of designers and creative professionals. College of Creative Studies has an amazing program for automotive design, and again, we are excited that the next generation of automobile designers will know the FlexForm product.

FlexForm Office Panel System

Fig 1. Typical Office Panel System. FlexForm panels are used as the substrates in the partitions. Also, pictured is the molded ceiling tile made with FlexForm material.