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Ford Escape Continues to Get Good Press for Sustainability.

Friday, May 10th, 2013

We are so proud to be a supplier for the Ford Escape.  Our material is used in the door interior bol.   According to Ford’s webpage, “We (Ford) also use kenaf to reinforce plastic in North America – in particular in the door interior bolsters on the Ford Escape. Kenaf, which is a tropical plant that looks similar to bamboo and is related to cotton, replaces some of the oil-based resin in the plastic. The use of kenaf in this part is anticipated to offset 300,000 pounds of oil-based resin per year in North America. In addition, the material reduces the weight of the door bolsters by 25 percent, which translates into better fuel efficiency.”


I recently came across another article detailing all of the great sustainable features of the new model.  The blog My Green Birmingham features articles on a variety of topics, from thrifty cooking recipes to hiking trails.  They also feature a variety of articles on green living.  They recently reviewed the 2013 Ford Escape in an article titled, “2013 Ford Escape:  Expect Comfort & Efficiency, Be Impressed with Sustainability”.  According to the article, the authors were indeed, “impressed to find that the cushions and fabrics used to create our extremely comfortable seats were made from soy-based polyurethane foam and post-industrial yarn…would have never guessed that the ample storage bins throughout, as well as the interior door panels were both made using wheat straw and other plant fiber-reinforced plastics. Other sustainable aspects of the Ford Escape feature interior padding made with post-industrial cotton from recycled blue jeans, and biodegradable plastic parts made with sugars made from corn, beet and cane.”

At FlexForm Technologies, we continue to strive to produce the best product in the industry.  Our dedication to manufacturing sustainable materials helps us win business with such innovative and sustainable manufacturers as Ford.  It always feels good when hard work pays off.  Thank you to Ford for believing in our products and to My Green Birmingham for recognizing the Ford Escape as a great vehicle.


6th International Conference 2013 on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-based Plastics & Composites

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Gregg Baumbaugh, CEO of FlexForm Technologies had the pleasure of delivering a presentation on our company and products at the recent 2013 International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-based Plastics and Composites. From the conference website: “With 180 participants (60% up on 2012) from 23 countries (up 50%), this year’s conference further established it as a major industry meeting-place and visitors both grew in number and became more international. Lengthening the conference to three days to provide comprehensive coverage of political, industrial and scientific issues – in conjunction with Professor Dr Jörg Müssig from Bremen University of Applied Science’s Bionics Innovation Centre – proved a success. The focus of this year’s conference was on the United States and Germany. The large number of American speakers and participants contributed to a thrilling dialogue between the world’s two leading industrial biotechnology countries. This year’s Innovation Prizes were awarded to Newlight Technologies, LLC (USA), fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), and 4e solutions GmbH – ajaa! & TECNARO GmbH (Germany)”

You can download the conference journal here.