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Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Natural fiber reinforced composites with thermoplastic matrices have successfully proven their high qualities in various fields of technical application.  Apart from conventional fiber material like aramid, Kevlar or glass fibers natural fibers such as tossa are increasingly applied for reinforcement.

A major field of application for natural fiber reinforced composites can be found in the automotive industry.  Automotive manufacturers have utilized the tensile strengths of natural fibers for years in their interior components.  Vehicle manufacturers and their supplier have noticed that besides their high strength and stiffness per weight, and environmental benefits, natural fiber composites have other benefits too.  These include acoustic insulation, easier health and safety management, rapid production by compression molding and potentially lower cost!

While fiberglass and plastic composites are often seen as having an advantage, it also has a downside.   The production of glass fibers releases carbon dioxide.  Dust and fragments are generated when recycling conventional plastic composites by grinding them down, and remain an issue during disposal either to a landfill or incineration.  Natural fibers can minimum harmful pollutants, and their eventual breakdown is environmentally friendly.  Natural fibers emit less carbon dioxide when they break down than is absorbed during the plant’s growth!

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Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

The 12th Annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE) is scheduled for September 11-13th. This year’s conference features a record number of technical sessions (12) and presentations (72), including a tutorial on thermoset and thermoplastic composites to help engineers better understand and specify these diverse materials.

Some of the content the conference features is as follows:

Bio & Natural Fiber Composites  (1 session, 4 presentation)

Advances in Thermoplastic Composites (4 sessions over 2 days containing 10 presentation)

Advances in Composite Reinforcement Technologies (1 session with 3 presentations).
For further details on the 2012 society of Plastics Engineers, Automotive & Composites Division, 12th Annual Automotive composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE), the World’s Leading Automotive Composites Forum, on September 11-13, 2012, visit

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